Tuesday, May 1, 2012

flying to Japan :)

WEEEE finally we have found a suitable day and flight to go Japan, we are all excited and Momichan more than us HEHEHE

We will have a Scandinavian flight departure time at MXP Malpensa will be confortable even for Momichan and we will have time to make everything quietly :)

I will have to prepare a list of items we will need on the plane, the new Momichan cabin bag will be perfect for us, half of it will contain Momichan belongings and the other half will be for me, daddy will take a rucksack and Momichan will have a small sack with books, colouring book, pencils, pastels and a pelouche, inside the cabin bag I will put what Momi and me will need during the travel and for one more night in Tokyo, our main suitcases will follow and contain all the rest and the presents we have o buy for the family and friends :)

We have also reserved the parking where will leave our car two weeks and luckily it doesn't cost so much and we won't have to do queue, just leave the car, pay and take our keys with us if we want. WOW now I have to think at a million things, we will leave in three weeks :)

ciao Meme, ancora non siamo in Giappone, partiamo tra tre settimane :)

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