date of birth: 19th november 2008
height: 53 cm
weight: 4,050 gr
place of birth: Ospedale Buzzi, Milano

To read more about Momoko's birth, just click here (italian follow version)

Momochan is a happy sweet baby and since her birth she has grown so much and made a lot of progresses.
She is very intelligent and learns so many things in short time, it is sufficient she looks at us doing something two or three times to copy correctly, she is very smart and mischievous sometimes.
She loves to taste everything and she is always a happy baby. When she walks in the street with us and we call her, she turns against us and runs into our arms smiling, she is so sweet and makes us light up of happiness

first smiles: 2 months old
first theeth: 14th june 2009, (8 months) 2 lower ones and shortly after the 2 superior ones
first words: started to try to say something before 2 years old, she already made baby sounds since one year but before her second birthday she started to say some little word like "mamma", brum brum", "pappa", then as I sent herr to kindergarten in a month she passed from 30 to 300 new words and also started to make small sentences.
able to seat at: around 8/9 months more or less
: 5 months and a half I started to try to give her fruits (apple) and as she showed to appreciate, after two weeks I started to give her the first attempts of baby food with meat (poultry) and veggies (zucchini, potatoes and carrots)
first attempt crawling: 27th june 2009
first attempts to walk:  in july 2009, the 15 april 2010 she already is able to walk around in the house (there is a cute video about)

15 months old, Momochan is already able to drink and eat by herself with spoon and fork, she is also able to walk and already runs, sometimes she fall down but before this summer I guess she will not fall anymore. Momochan was not programmed but she is the best present we could ever have and we are so happy about her, she is growing well and we hope we will be able to show her as much as we know around the world and to give her all our love and more.
It is impossible not to vitiate Momochan because she is so good baby nd whenever we go around and we see a funny book or a cute dress (she doesn't have many anyway) or other items we think she could need we buy for her and everytime she smiles happily when we say her "sweetie this is for you"
Looking at her fotos from birth till now I realize she has changed really so much and always she has turned into a sweetie charming beautiful baby.
21 months old now Momochan is able to do much more, she runs, eats by herself nearly every meal, whistles pretty good, try to use chopsticks quite well, likes to wear sunglasses, pretends to choose shoes and dresses by herself, has all 20 teeths and much more.

Here are some fotos of Momochan during year 2010 taken month by month.

Colours: light blue
Animals: cats, fishes and mice (of which she has a big Ikea collection)
Food: since she has been weaned she has got crazy for wienerr and Ikea meatballs, she also loves white japanese rice, spaguetti, broccoli and hard boiled eggs.
Abilities: she loves making puzzles and she is really able in doing them and so quick, she likes to draw, play with palydough and learn little poetries by heart.
One of her preferred european characters is Peppa Pig, a small female pig 5 years old with a small brother, mum and dad, who lives everry day an adventure such as normal kids so that Momochan learn day by day something like Peppa and makes comparisons.
Recently she has also discovered a couple of small dogs whose names are Gaspard & Lisa (she can just watch them through YouTube), which are so popular in Japan (and of which I have a bento box) togather with another famous japanese character named Totoro of which we have bought a dvd and Momochan has seen already hundreds of times.
We often go togather to a garden shop near home named Viridea, where apart from selling plants and flowers, they have a big space outside with birds, peacocks, ducks, deers, baby goats and a big pond full of fishes and colorful carps which Momochan likes a lot.

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