Saturday, August 10, 2013

ikea - decorating a paper lamp

Today we went to Ikea store for the second activity of the month: decorating a paper lamp with colours and fabrics.
Momochan was happy about this activity and she started as soon as we arrived at the second floor of the store, she literally runned ;)
We took a paper lamp and we seat at a table where there weere already colours, glue and pices of fabrics of many colours.
I took a lamp too and we started to decorate: first we attached with the glue some stars, flowers and leaves of different colours cut from some textiles and after we took some paintings: red, green, blue and yellow and we started to paint the lamp.
The result is what you see here under, Momochan was really satisfied of her job and as soon as we arrived home I hanged each lamp in a room: the one I made is now in the livingroom and the other I hanged in Momochan's room, sooo cute ;)

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