Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Momichan !!!!

Today my little baby is 2 years old :)
WOW she has grown up so much, now she is able to eat all by herself, run, and of course she is starting to speack, she is able to say about 35 words and make some small sentences :)
For the occasionthis morning she had a small party at kindergarden with all her friends and this evening she will have a special dinner with presents with oncles and aunts, we have invited them for dinner at 19.30 and dad will cook some special food in honour of Momichan.
After the nap daddy Momy and I visit the french market, we have to buy special baguettes for dinner so we profitate to give a look around. Is full of people and the air smells of soaps, lavender, spices and many other good odours.
We do not have much time because we have to go to take the cake, I have made the patissier do a special Hello Kitty cake and we have also special Hello kitty candles.
Daddy has still to prepare and cook the foods, I have to decorate with ballons and take the presents for Momichan out of the cabinet and, we have to collect some cute colured leaves to decorate daddy's food dishes.
Momichan is excited, once home, daddy goes in the kitchen, I prepare the table and put soft ballons around and put Momi's presents over the fireplace, then Momi and I go upstairs to have a shower and change dress, Momichan has to be soooo cute this night.
19.40 PM oncles have arrived, I can see their voices downstairs.
We finish dressing and we go down. Momichan is a little shy, she doesn't see them since one year at least but soon during the evening she turns the same happy laughing kid as ever ^^

21.00 PM dinner start !
daddy has made some sushi rolls for appetizer and everybody start to eat except him because is in the kitchen to cook the rest of the meal :)
In a short time he produces pasta with sausage and mushrooms, the receipt is tasty and even if pasta is so much is finished in short time.
Daddy is able now to sit at the table with us and eat his sushi and pasta but soon he has to go cooking again. He garnish the dishes with the leaves Momi and I took before coming home.
Last night at 3.30 AM daddy was inside kitchen to prepare meat: he chopped chiken meat and put to marinate in special ginger sauce to make is perfumed and tender, now he has cooked this meat with teriyaky sauce and chopped it in small pices served on big dishes decorated by the coloured leaves and in the center he put veggies (carrots, zucchini and shiitake mushrooms).
Also this time he has a great success, every crumble is eaten and disappeared soon from the dishes of everyone.

23.30 PM cake and presents time !
Momichan has not eaten much but she loved the chiken teriyaki so soft and flavoured.
Everybody give her his present, granny has a box with Play Doh Ocean Rollers set, pasta and marine cutters, Momichan emits a happy yell :) aunts and oncles give her cute animals books, (transforming animals and jungle book) another oncle gives her a funny dog she can pull and make roll, me and daddy give her Lego Hello Kitty House and another happy yell comes out, two presents from daddy's collegues, Hello Kitty kitchen items, a bowl with eggs that seems real, pasta cutters, juice bottle, Momichan gets crazy :) and a Hello Kitty pijama ^^
There are other two small presents, Kinder X'mas sweet set with choko bars and a kinder choko egg inside (another happy yell) and a story book, Rapunzel (50th fairy tale from Disney in the cinemas of Italy out in this moment) to read before going bed.
Momichan is now able to open her presents by herself and she amuses a lot discovering what there is inside every packet.

On the table Hello Kitty cake with special candle is waiting, my cousin opens champagne and everybody start to toast. Momichan blows on the candle and after she started to toast every glass with her own filled with water, saying in her way "cin cin", she is so sweet !!!!
While everybody eats the cake (she did not want to eat except he strawberries) she plays with her new toys totally enchanted by the Play Doh pasta :)
Is nearly midnight, the oncles and aunts has to go home and obviously Momichan has to go to bed, we are all entirely tired except Momi who seems to be totally relaxed.
After everyone has left we decide we will put kitchen and table in order tomorrow so daddy, granny Momi and I go to bedrooms.
A quick shower, warm soft pijama, milk bottle and Momichan falls asleep, maybe she is dreaming her presents and te special day she had because she has a smile on her face :)
Happy birthday Momichan, we hope you had a great time today ^_^

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J.H said...

happy birthday sweet princess!!! you are getting prettier by the day :-)

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