Sunday, February 19, 2012

civic acquarium

As Sampei is free two days, sunday and monday, we have decided Momichan will have vacation day on monday and we will do something togather the two days.

This afternoon we are going museums, first to the Civic Acquarium because Momichan loves fishes and after at Aegyptyan and Prehistoric museum in the nearby Castello Sforzesco.

Momichan is happy to have some time with us togather and also she loves to see fishes, everytime we go there is something different or new animals.

The pool she loves most is the Red Sea one because is coloured and with many sea flowers and "Nemo and his friends" fishes. Another lovely pool is the big one shaped arch under wich you can walk and see big Carangidae, sharks and small manta rays swimming around.

The rocks and corals of the sea pools are very enchanting, big sturgeons (90 cm long) swim in another pool where kids look enchanted their strange bony backs.

This afternoon there are a lot of kids and people running from a pool to another, there is a big chaos and in a second I loose Momichan running quicky in the middle of people a woman bumps into her with a big bag, I just can hear Momichan weep high coming towards me hugging her dad ! I give her a lot of kisses but anyway she already has a violet and blue livid on her left cheek, poor baby ! I take her in my arms and we go outside in the fresh sunny air directed to the Castello Sforzesco to see aegyptian mummies.

With a lot of kisses and a fresh yogurt Momichan is calm again ready to see something else new but she is a little tired so I continue to keep her in my arms while she looks around the castle gardens and towers hearing a thousand of happy birds singing of joy for the sunny day.

We find the ticket office and we buy a couple of tickets (Momi enters free), mummies and prehistoric vases, goblets, cups, tools and weapons are waiting for us in the lower floor in the basement of the castle.

Inside there are two mummies, one is still bandaged but the second is clearly visible with her bony skull, legs, arms and body entirely black ! four colorful sarcophagus are in the nearby, one of them contains writings in the interior side of the upper cover, maybe a prayer for the dead to be better received in the other world.

The other side of the little museum contains prehistoric items, goblets, necklaces, weapons, vases and tools made in iron, wood, stones, some images shows how cups and goblets weere made and also how to have a tool transforming a branch into an axe adding a stone.

At the museum shop Momichan wants to buy a souvenir and she cooses a heart shaped hook she can use to keep her things togather and hang to everything she wants.

Is already late, we get out and we give a look at the nearby shops, they are open because there are a lot of tourist around so we enter some of them. In a few minutes we are already taking the tube to go to the parking where we have left the car and we direct home.

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