Sunday, February 15, 2009

Momichan's baptism

I am not doing bento since so much time but sometimes happens that Sampei prepares fantastic dishes of sushi and sashimi.
This time he has produced a fantasy that had a great success, on the occasion of the baptism of our daughter, so here you can see foto of the sushi, the special cake and of course Momichan in her "ovetto".

Today is a special occasion, we got our little baby baptized and after we had a special lunch at my mum's house togather with oncle and aunt and my cusins.
Momichan has been really good girl, I was feeling a little ill at ease about the idea she could burst into tears in the middle of the funcion in the church but as soont started to weep a little I gave her the bottle with milk and she fall asleep in a few moments and she went on also when the priest poured on her head the special water (and nearly washed her hair), she never moved and stayed quietly in my arms.
Funny was that while I was ill at ease for the baby and what she might do, the priest had forgotten something.... his cell phone started to ring !!!
Yes, you have understood, under his vest the priest had a cell phone that continuously rang every moment, the only thing he could do was posing a hand on his chest where cell phone was trying to suffocate the trill.
We couln't believe it, me and my two cusins behind me hardly could help not to burst into laugh but the situation was serious so we couln't do nothing but try to be serious as much as possible.
Finally we got out the church and reached mum's house where a fireplace was keeping home warm and giving atmosphere.
Sampei went immediately in the kitchen to ultimate his sushi dishes, while mum was preparing rice and a good roasted piece of veal was cooking in the owen.
Table was prepared with silver tools and cristal glasses, mum loves to make table cute on special occasions so when she invites people she gives her best ^^
Here below is the special cake we ordered for the occasion.

Here are two of the dishes Sampei prepared, first foto is sashimi of sake (salmon) and toro (tuna), the other shows some of the nigiri he invented for the occasion.

All the decorations Sampei make for the presentation of the dishes are colorful leaves he took in my mum's garden.

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