Friday, September 23, 2011

Natural Sciences Museum

Sampei today is free at home so we have decided to take Momichan to the Natural Sciences Museum to see animals, dynosaurs and stones.

In Milan now there is a strange parade: the indian elephant parade made to raise money to save this animal and for this reason all corners of the city are invaded by funny and coloured elephants that you can buy if you want in a small shape at Rinascente (a great store for perfumes, dresses, kitchen item and more in the center of the city).

Here is Momichan near a red butterflied elephant.

After having taken many fotos with every elephant outside the museum we get finally inside to see the animals.

One of the first thing you can see at the ground floor are stones, stalagmitis and calcitis, then at the second and third floor you can admire animals inside diorama of their habitat and many other animals inside glass displays, butterflies, insects, shells, fishes and a tons of other animals of any kind. Momichan is enchanted by all of this and loves the triceratops in the first hall, she touches the bones of the other dyno skeletons and asks if they eated veggies or meat, looks around carefoully everything and runs everywhere telling us "hey mummy look, a monkey, a bear, a tiger ..." !

Also coming inside in a room and looking up there is a giant skeleton of a whale and Momi is very much impressed.

There are so many things to see there that one hour is not enough and when you get down to exit there is a shop selling animal books and plastic reproductions of dynos, elephants, tigers and all you can see inside the museum plus puzzles and tshirts and all you can imagine, also there are many glass displays with fishes of every kind inside and Momi makes her own fotographs HEHE
After museum we got a walk towards the center and see shops.

Time for dinner comes quick, daddy wants to eat there and go to the cinema, Momichan wants to see the Smurfs, the new film in Milan, for me is everything ok, Momichan is really a good kid inside cinema, she follows the story without making mess and she amuses so much.
We take some sandwiches and we enter inside cinema. The film is really enchanting and when we get out we buy Momichan a small smurf: Puffetta. She is happy but so tired, we direct to the car and in a few moments while daddy is driving home she fall asleep in her car seat ^^

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