Monday, August 22, 2011

Genova Aquarium

Momichan loves dolphins so I decided to take her for a day at Genova Aquarium. We have already visited it many times but we never have had the occasion to see dolphins so I hope this time to be lucky ^^

Before leaving this morning I have filled Momichan's bag with some of her things: two complete change for dresses, nappies, her favourite cat plush, a blanket if she wants to take a nap, her milk bottle. I have also taken our car fridge with some ice inside and: ham, strawberry, water, one hard boiled egg, raspberries for Momichan, pears, two sandwiches, a small coca cola bottle for me.

The first thing we visit is the biosfera, a giant transparent bubble with plants and birds inside. There are some tropical plants, some beautiful birds and turtles. Momichan is impressed by the banana flower and by some red birds. Inside the bubble is very humid but anyway is fresh while outside is about 38 degress !

After the biosfera we are happy to get into the acquarium to start to see the fishes: inside is so icy and we are really pleased ! The first thing we see are sharks and dolphins ... YEEEEEEEEE ! there are two females jumping and swimming inside the pool, Momichan is enthusiastic and she wants to make fotos, this one has been made by Momichan herself not by me ! ^___^

The little Magellano Penguins are all on the rocks, no one swimms but since the 23 june there is a new baby one: a little penguin has been given birth !

After sharks, dolphins, lamatini, seals, penguins and variuos tropical fishes (between them also the ones of the film Nemo), is time to take a break at the coffe shop and have a look at the souvenir shop. (virtual tour of the Acquarium) Momichan falls in love with a plush shaped Nemo and another one shaped dolphin ... Oh poor me she wants both of them !!! After shopping we go on, there is a big pool with tropical fishes, a giant turtle and giant Napoleon fish, lobsters, manta rays (you can touch them and often they produce in a funny show for the tourists swimming with their nose out of water, today also) colibri forest, jelly fish and much more.

Is nearly seven and Momichan starts to be tired, she has not slept during the short trip to Genova (140 km frm Milan) and is time to go home. A short break near the car to eat some fruits and water, temperature is still high and we are completely sweaten, luckily inside the car we have air conditioned ! Momichan sits behind in her car seat and starts playing with her Nemo and looking outside while I start to driving home.

At 21.00 we are home at last, a shower, a quick dinner for Momi and she is ready to go bed with her milk bottle. Have nice dreams Momichan, hope you have amused today ^___^

Goodnight ...


meme said...


ma dai sei venuta a genova, potevi dirmelo cosi' ci saremmo viste !!!

un abbraccio meme

Unknown said...

ciao ^^
come va la vita da sposata ' ormai è unbel pò eh HIHIHI

ero con lamia piccola e lei quando vuole vedere qualcosa non lascia spazio a nessuna, avrebbe disturbato un sacco ^^

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