Tuesday, August 18, 2009

first time in a museum

We came back from the mountains on monday and after an entire week with fresh air and super nap time we have been submerged by a terrible monstruous hot, nearly 38 degrees !!!
Poor Momichan suffers hot a lot so we thought that as we are quite never alltogather (because daddy works all week long) it could have been a nice idea to visit the City Civic Acquarium and so we went. I have taken the light strolley and a rucksack with everything I could need for Momichan (bottle, dummy, a change of dresses, nappies) and we are already on the way.

It has been a cute idea to show Momichan many different fishes from sweet and salted waters and also to stay in a fresh place (as inside the acquarium there is air conditioned), though Momichan is so small, she is astonished and curious about all the tipes of fishes and animals and shout happily amused pointing at all the fishes swimming inside the pools.

Momichan like so much the tropical pool with so many colooured fishes, star fishes, sea weeds, corals and strange animals but also she is fascinated by the jelly fish :)

After the Civic Aquarium we thought as we were in the nearby, to visit also the Natural History Museum but we were late so the lady at the door said we could do just a short tour, we could visit only the downstairs with prehistoric animals, insects, and stones but we will come back another day to show Momichan all the animals inside at the second floor. The foto on the right shows two giant crabs from the Japan sea, the male is the biggest one and seeing it inside the museum crab is really enormous
We also made a foto with a small triceratops and Momichan looked at him with sourprise.
After the museum we went along for the center of Milan, Duomo Plaza and Corso Vittorio Emanuele, we entered some shops and also the Disney Store to show Momichan some items, we would like to make her a cute present for her 1st year the 19 november so we will come back.
Poor baby was tired, we bought some fresh water and went along around for the shops as normal tourists for a time, once home I made Momi a fresh shower, dressed and gave her dinner, she fell asleep in short time ^^

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