Monday, November 18, 2013

5th bday Momochan ; )))

Since a few weeks we were organizing to preapare a celebration for Momochan's birthday today, the choice is simple because on monday daddy is free from work and relatives could come on visit for dinner, so daddy has prepared a list of ingredients to prepare sushi as our relatives like sushi so much.
My duty is to prepare and cook the roasted meat and veggies and decorate the house, balloons, flags and others, order, buy and wrap in a cute paper our presents ;) So it has been established that relatives shoud arrive around 20.00.
Before that, daddy in the kitchen prepares sushi, roasted meat is already cooking with veggies in the oven, I have prepared decorations and table and Momochan is preparing designs to give to the uncles and cousins as a memory of the day and as a "thank" for the presents ;) 19:40, the bell rings, some of the relatives are already arrived, oncle, aunt and the cousin, in a half an hour time also granny and the last cousin with wife and baby arrive.

In the kitchen daddy is cooking and moving quickly to prepare sushi, gyoza, veggies and other foods.
Well this time Momochan has a tons of presents, there is a packet from granny, one from me, one from daddy, one from aunt and oncle, one from cousin and anothering from the other cousin and family, she has plenty this year HEHEHE
Momochan plays around and shows her room to the aunt and cousins while the other look around and peep in the kitchen to see what daddy is preparing. Soon is time to sit at the table and starting from salami and wrapped grissini with ham, wee jump at sushi rolls and vegetable and chicken grilled gyoza.
In the meantime I have to wash dishes to prepare for roasted meat and cake, I do not have many dishes and to make 9 people eat I have put togather two different set od dishes, tools and glasses !!!
As the dishes are clean,  daddy cut the roasted meat and put veggies while granny takes dishes to the table, Momochan is nearly full, she has eaten salami and ham and after she has had gyoza and also asked for more, she has eaten 6 !!!
So she says she doesn't like so much the arrosto, she is used to eat another type made like a big meatball but in special occasion we cannot serve ;)
The evening goes on, parents talk, Momochan plays with baby cousin Camilla who also is celebrating 6 months togather with Momo, daddy goes in and out of the kitchen, I wash dishes and organize, until comes the moment to eat the cake ;)
Table is cleaned and new dishes and high glasses for champagne are taken, inside the kitchen wee light the special 5 year old candle and take in the livingroom for Momochan to blow.
I thought Momochan was joking when she asked daddy to give her an enormous slice duble than the one I received but really she did eat it all !!!! : O GOSH !!!
After the cake Momo opens the presents, each present opened she gives the correspondant design she has prepared: granny packet contains a Peppa Pig plush which lights and sound, oncle and aunt packet contains a pink cute Peppa Pig sweater, counsin packet contain a 100 pices puzzle, my packet contains a Ikea plush, daddy packet contains a Nikon camera and the other cousin packet contains a little kichen to play "chef" ;) he starts to assemple it togather with Momochan who wants to play and pretends to serve coffee to everybody ;)
Nearly midnight, is time for "sayonara" as baby Camilla is not yet used to go bed so late. Soon everybody has gone, Momochan has totally disappeared when I relalized when I realized she hass already washed and put pijamas, jumped in our bed holding her new dreaming Peppa ;)
A kiss from granny and after while daddy takes trash downstairs and accompany granny to her car, I start cleanings. Momochan is already sleeping hard but I will need a couple of hours more to finish all.


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Silvia said...

Sono capitata quasi per caso qui, ho pensato che non visitavo il blog da tanto tempo e mi chiedevo come vi andassero le cose. Quindi faccio un po' in ritardo tanti tanti auguri alla piccolina :D
Sebbene non vi conosca di persona, mi sto commuovendo pensando a come è passato il tempo... Sta crescendo così in fretta ed è sempre più bella!
Un abbraccio a tutti voi :)


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