Sunday, March 3, 2013

dynosaurs show ;)

In a nearby city since two days has opened a new show regarding dynosaurus ;)
The show is divided into two parts: first part is inside a building, you can see images, explanations about the period in which dynos lived, fotos about how to make a dynosaur, and some "heads", secondo part is outside in a big garden space, where people can admire some of the ancient giants perfectly reproducted ;)
As daddy is home free from work on sunday, we decide it can be a nice way to stay alltogather and we propose it to Momochan who start to jump curious and ask about dynos.
We get out and as it is already lunch time, first stop is McDonalds because Momochan likes it and wee too want to have some fries and sandwiches. After lunch we start the short trip to Monza city where the show is held, Momochan is enthusiast, she loves going out with us and discover new things.
The Dynosaur Show is inside Monza park but the problem is, it is not very clear and simple to find the building with the dynos, the park is enormous and we walk I believe here and there for 4 km asking everybody about the show and how we can reach! finally a man gives us the right directions and we arrive.
An anormous diplodocus is in front of the main entrance door and kids are climbing on it, also Momochan wants to try and make foto below the big monster ;)
We give a look quickly at the images, old paleo rocks, dyno heads and explanantion how to build a dyno and we run out in the big space because we want to see the giant reproductions of the ancient monsters. Some of hem are really enormous like the first one we see, his head makes me remember of a big crocodile, he is high and has a kind of big sail, his head has enormous cutting teeth !
There is also a mammouth and some other small dynos and obviously the big T-Rex. The park is very big and cute, in ancient times, 200/300 years ago this place was the house of a powerful family who lived here with their servants, and all their animals, horses and dogs, walking inside tha park is long, the park is the garden of the house but is so big you can walk for an entire week without ever see the big building wich is the main house. In some of the park zone is still cold and you can still find some snow ;) Momochan loved this day but at last when we went back to the car to get home she was so tired she fall asleep until home ;)

PARCO DI MONZA dal 3 marzo al 28 luglio
costo biglietti 21,00 euro a famiglia (mamma/papà/bimbo sotto i 4 anni)


laura said...

ciao dove si trova lo show?

Unknown said...

si trova al parco di Monza ;)
lo terranno fino al 28 luglio, enytrare in tre mammma, papà e bimbo fino a 4 anni costa 21,00 euro dopo bimbo paga 5,00 euro (ridotto)

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