Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy birthday Momochan !!!

As we are in the moving period and home is still to be cleaned and organized and also because I am really tired, we thought in advance to reserve a party for Momochan's bday this afternoon at Arcobaleno Delle Favole so today is also our first day of relax .... more or less .... This morning I awakened Momo taking my cellphone and making it sound "happy birthday to you" melody, I had also taken during the night two presents (a Lego game and a big Thomas The Train puzzle) on her little table ready to be opened. Momo thus opened her presents then I dressed her up to go kindergarden, I also took two cakes and fruit juices to let her celebrate with her class as usual inside kindergarden (kids and teacher make a crown and write the name of the b'day kid and the age of the celebrated kid). After having taken her to kindergarden I came home, to have a perfect day our house needed some more work invisible from Momo's eyes, the plumber had to come to connect sink, fawcett, washmashine and gas for cooktop, after which the house was a total disaster and I had again to clean around and wash the floor of entire home. In the meantime at 14.00 PM daddy (day free today) was going McDonalds to take some sandwich for us both and clean the car which because of the moving was totally dirty :( he came home, changed dress and runned to take the birthday cake. At 16.00 PM I went to take Momo from kindergarden to take her home and change dress for the party, take camera, the little presents for her friends and the gummy socks for the playground, daddy came just before 17.00 to take us all at the party ! All the day was a total run and the party also seemed to me like a run, kids went around jumping and playing, parents lokked around, then the organizers started to take beverages and snacks (the cake they would have brought at the table at 18.00 before the opening of the presents). I wanted to relax, took a coffee, talked a little around with every mum of Momo's friends around but seemed time was running too quick I was feeling strange and in a moment was already timme for the cake and the foto, every kid grouped at the table, sing a song, cake coming, Momochan blowing off the candle ! HURRAAAH !!! Happy birthday Momochan !!! Every kid this time eat a piece of cake (last year the cake was just tasted from the kids) and again they runned away to play, after a while they came back, Momochan had to open the presents, a doll, an interesting book, a pijama, a Hello Kitty kick scooter wich Momo was waiting since so much time and desired so much and again it was 19.00 time to go home, the playground was closing. Thanks to everybody and many kisses to everyone and we were home, granny was already waiting in front of the door, we went up and daddy followed with the presents. I assembled the kick scooter and Momochan started to go around the house while daddy went upstairs into the attic to take some dishes, pots and pans to cook dinner. Home is bigger now but some furniture lacks so as we until the last moment didn't have washmashine working, I could't fill the kitchen with tons of dusty items so we took everything upstairs and now we have to make a kind of treasure chest every time we need something, right now we do not know where pans have been placed :)
Anyway we succeeded in having quite a normal table and organize a quite normal dinner even if I wanted to make a cake and I had bought a bottle wine and a cake stamp but did not have any time to cook any cake.
Granny gave Momochan her last present, an enormous Ikea elephant wich sleeps on her little bed, Momo came in our bed to sleep when at 22.00 PM after having cleaned the kitchen we all went to bed totally tired.

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