Sunday, March 14, 2010

a day in museum

This morning we had to go to Milan city to withdraw some documents for Momichan's daddy and we thought it could be a nice idea to take Momichan to the Natural Science Museum and show her the dynosaurs, minerals and animals and eventually eat some place.
So we got up, washed Momichan and dressed her, made breakfast alltogather, grabbed Momichan new car seat and got out.
Luckily is a sunny day so we are naturally happy and Momi is curious.
Normally when we have to move some place we have to ask my mum if she can take us around with her car but her car is absolutely uncomfortable and neither Momichan likes it because everytime we get inside she gets nervous but recently Momi's daddy can use a car his boss has lended him, a spacious car they normally use at work to carry the foods for the restaurants and the car they use when they go Sardinia for the summer season so now noone uses and we can have free.
Sitting here Momichan is comfortable and she is high enough to see outside, she looks everything and she is incredibly quiet.
Before getting out we saw on the internet Museum website that entrance isfree today after 14.00 so as is already time, we decide is better go lunch first.
A collegue of Momi's dad has opened a new japanese restaurant so we call him to see if there's place for three. We reach the restaurant, is very nice furnished and as food arrives also food is good, Momichan tastes everything, just a little bit, mostly she eats white rice and the ham I had taken from home (just in case).
Every food is nice displayed on the dish.
We finish eating, we pay, friend makes us a big discount and we go to the museum. Once arrived we discover there is a strike so we just can visit the lower floor ! Uffffff ! the nicer part is upstairs !!!
Well downstairs there are dynosaurs and Momichan seems happy to see, he shouts happily and she runs everywhere indicating all things she find strange or curious.

The lower floor is quick to visit so we are outside in 30 minutes. We deicide to have a walk in the center hoping that Momi fall asleep (normally if we are at home she sleeps from 2 to 4 PM but as we are out we cannot put her to bed but eventually she can sleep in the stroller.
She doesn't seem to be tired enough so we go to take a coffee and after to visit all the enter stores and shops.Time goes quickly and is already time to go home for dinner so we go to take the underground to reach the car parked just outside th city center.
Once again Momichan is happy and quiet to seat on her new seat in the car and once home she ats her dinner and we can put her to bed after a shower and a fresh pijama.She falls asleep in short time so we can relax a little in front of tv but we are exausted and we fall asleep either just to awake around 2 AM in the night and realize we are still on the sofa ! :)

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