Saturday, June 15, 2013

american breakfast

This morning Momochan awakened around nine o'clock and went to the living room to watch Peppa Pig while I was still relaxing in the bed.
After a short time she came in my bedroom and said she was hungry if we could prepare breakfast: usually during the week we do not have time (also if I would have breakfast every day I would turn soooo fat) so normally she goes to the kitchen, open the fridge and takes a drinkable yogurt but on sunday (and saturday sometimes) we prepare the table in the kitchen and we have a special breakfast, every time different: can be japanese or frech, british breakfast or american, depending on "our moon" of the day but what she likes most is fried eggs with bacon, fruit juice (but never orange juice) corn flakes and yogurt not always and not every time togather ;)
Every time she goes to the kitchen she gives a glance at her personal strawberry plant which since wee bought and put in the earth in a vase on the balcony, continues to produce yummy strawberries. This morning she noticed two, absolutely small but anyway one of the couple was ready to be eaten so I went to pick it.
Then I started to cook some bacon and egg and she tooked all the rest: dishes, cups, tools, her juice, muesli ....
As soon ass we finished eating I started cleaning the floor with my vacuum cleaner and after asked her if she wanted to reach me on the balcony and help giving water to the flowers, she jumped up from the sofa (she was again watching cartoons) happily ;)
Momochan loves flowers and love to help so we gave water to all the plants and flowers of the balcony and after we prepared to make a walk outside and reach our preferred coffee corner, meanwhile  daddy called us: Momochan is happy to hear him but she never says what to tell so she just communicate him she was feeling his lack so much ;)
Daddy was still sleepy because he said, yesterday they had worked hard inside the restaurant because today is the opening day and everything had to be ready and perfect ;)

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