Friday, July 22, 2011

Interesting day

This morning we decided to have a busy funny interesting day, first go to the Town Aquarium to see fishes, the Aquarium is located in the center city near a big castle where there are always exibitions to see, have a walk along the castle and see if there is something interesting to look inside, doing "splish splash" in the fountain and have a sandwich, then see what fantasty suggest. At the entrance of the Aquarium there is a small fountain with water coming out from a big hippo mouth filled with red fishes. Momichan is enchanted by all the different fishes, stars, crabs, octopus and she runs and jumps here and there to look.
There is a special pool shaped like an arch so that you can walk under it and see fishes swimming over you (foto), every kid loves this but today there are no kids inside, we have all the aquarium all for us.
After fishes we direct to the nearby big fountain shaped like a cake and after having done "splish splash" inside the water jumping and walking we go to buy a coffee for me and a sandwich (the sandwich there are enormous so we can eat one divided for each of us), Momichan has her own water bottle so we can save some money.

Momichan loves to make "splish splash" inside the fountain, she always asks me to do everytime we come near this place. The Castello Sforzesco (click to read about the story of this castle) is really immense, the courtyard inside is enormous, there are big round towers and a big clock, the moath where once there was water and the park.

We enter inside the courtyard where once people got in with carriages and horses, there is an exibition inside showing old tapestry, ancient armours, guns, swords and statues, there is also a little shop displaying books and funny games. Momichan is enchanted by the armours and by a horse with his rider armoured on it.
Seeing the books an another idea comes out, there is a big book store coming home not verry far from we are now, we can have a look inside.
Ouside again we walk in the big park where there are enormous trees and so much grass that peolple sits on it or takes sun or a nap, Momichan prefers to run after the pigeons and she amuses so much.

We reach our car and we direct to the big library. There is a big section about kids books and games, puzzles and Hello Kitty items and also a small space for Peppa Pig books and colouring albums ! I buy a couple of books for Momi, she plays and looks everywhere an an hour flows quickly. Time to have a breack, an ice cream seems a yummy idea so we pay the books and we go to the nearby McDonalds where wee have a small french fry and a strawberry milkshake. Momichan doesn't want to show but she is tired, she has not slept today up till now and we have to go home.
Just one more thing before arriving home, we stop at the supermarket to by a packet of nappies (Momi still needs for the night). At home is time to look tv toons Peppa Pig while I am busy in the kitchen to prepare dinner. After meal a quick hot shower and fresh pijama, her milk bottle and Momichan is ready to dream ^_____^

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