Friday, March 11, 2011

Going to the Center ...

As it is a sunny day and Momichan-s daddy is free from work today we decide to take Momichan to the center of Milan and show her the public Acquarium, she loves fishes.
The Acquarium is near the Castello Sforzesco and in front of the Castle there is an enormous fountain visited by many tourist and of which Momichan is really crazy (last summer she wanted to make a walk inside !)
Inside the Aquarium you can see many fishes, sharks, shells, sea urchins, jelly fish, crabs and much more, there is also a basin you can walk under and see fishes over your head.

Momichan was running from a basin to another pointing at the fishes totally enchanted.

Most of the fishes are from the sea but some of the basins contain also lake fishes most of which edible (temoli).

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